We know that sometimes life in organisations is challenging.

Getting everyone on the same page can be a difficult.  Managing conflicting stakeholder requirements can be a demanding.  Sometimes staff are just not engaged. Sometimes internal tensions make delivering projects harder than it should be. Sometimes teams don’t work well together or with each other.  Sometimes balancing compliance requirements with your core business activities – the main game – can be difficult. Sometimes organisational structures and systems seem to hinder more than help. Sometimes you feel you are too close to the problem to see a solution. And sometimes you know you can do things smarter but don’t know where to start.

Slingshot Consulting is about making organisational life easier. We provide an external independent perspective; we can help you get your people ‘on the same page’; we can help you work through problems; we can facilitate your stakeholder engagements; we can help your people deliver projects effectively; we can help you work smarter. We can also fill a skills gap in specific areas if you need it.

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