What we do

In essence, we do four things:

We Facilitate

To ‘facilitate’ means to ‘make easy’, and we do this in a number of ways. We facilitate:
.  Workshops of all shapes and sizes – covering strategy development, business planning, team building, issues resolution; stakeholder engagement, post event debriefs.
.  Projects by helping project teams plan, identify and resolve issues and risks; clarify responsibilities; deliver; achieve outcomes; and learn along the way.
.  Change agendas to achieve sustainable change, by engaging stakeholders in planning and implementation.
.  Leadership programs to build human capital – our programs include ‘Building Teams around Human Factors’ and ‘Heartstyles; Leading with Heart’.

We Coach

leaders and managers – one-on-one, to help them clarify and achieve goals, to lead others, to perform optimally and to be happy.

We Review

organisational programs, projects, systems and operations – we provide an independent, external and intelligent perspective.

 We Fill Gaps

where we have specific expertise and knowledge in:

.  Exercise management (especially discussion and simulation exercises)
.  Incident/Crisis/Disaster management
.  Business Continuity Management
.  Risk Management
.  Workplace Health and Safety
.  Quality Management
.  Business Process Improvement

We also have a network of like-minded consultants who can fill other gaps too.

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